Welcome to ICEolation - a soon-to-be movie about a two-week, self-supported kayak journey along the Antarctic Peninsula.

We invite you to come along for the ride as we launch this expedition into a feature film and share the wonders of this pristine part of the planet.  

Scroll down to check out the trailer, see photos from the adventure, meet the team and learn about our crowd-funding campaign to bring ICEolation to you! 

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ICEolation - The Trailer
Full length movie coming soon!  

We look forward to sharing the movie upon its completion.  However, there is a lot of work to be done before then and WE NEED YOU to help spread the word!  

Please share this video with your fellow friends, adventurers, armchair adventurers ..... your stoke will fuel our ability to fund the production process.  
         The Campaign
What we have wanted to do since the inception of this project, was to bring to the world an insight into one of the world's most remarkable regions.  And more than that, through our journey, help inspire others to explore the wild places of this marvellous planet and hence understand and experience first hand how this reaches to the core of being human.

What we've come to realise is that aside from unending support, passion and determination, making a film requires money.  Money to pay professionals to turn our amazing footage into something even more impressive on your screen.  Not to mention everything else that goes into making a movie!
The campaign has been overwhelmingly successful!

We want to thank each and every one of you who supported in some way, shape or form!
We raised our necessary funds within the first WEEK! Unbelievable!

Funds that were raids above our goal are still going to be put to good use with more post production editing, and the ability for us to travel with the film and enter it into more film festivals and ultimately get this film to a wider audience around the world!

Again – Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!
The campaign is actually still open, its 'ON DEMAND' ooohhhh  ​So come and check it out if you havent already :) 
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The Expedition
100 n.m, 2 kayaks, 132 tea bags (each), an expedition tent designed for Antarctica's katabatic winds that can reach 327 km/hr (twice the speed of a major league baseball pitch!) and only 1 roll of toilet paper between us!  For 14 days, this was our life, our adventure by kayak along the Western coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula.  

Kayaking + Antarctica.  What could possibly go wrong?! 

Worst case scenario?  We both flip our kayaks in rough seas, and have to swim for shore, losing sight of each other in the process.  This may sound a bit like a horror movie, but it is certainly a reality when paddling along the Antarctic Peninsula.

Our planning process was robust.  We had contingencies for contingencies.  For example, daily check-in's via satellite phone to our support vessel that was somewhere between our location and Ushuaia - some 800 km away and enough chocolate to get us through the rough days (of which there were many and sometimes Sophie even shared the chocolate!)

Needless to say, the planning took the better portion of two years leading up to the expedition.  We felt ready for anything, but paddling away from our drop off ship, we quickly realized the true meaning of wilderness and what it means to be "out there."  
Meet The Team
"We love Antarctica.  It's where we fell in love, it's where we've learned and grown as adventurers - it's truly our home away from home."  

Sophie Ballagh

Ewan Blyth 

Born in Tasmania, Australia, Ewan spent his childhood growing up on a farm and exploring the vast wilderness of his home state. Ewan has travelled widely, for work and pleasure, leading expeditions in Vietnam, summiting peaks in Ecuador, undertaking reconnaissance missions for hydropower projects in the wilds of PNG, leading extended sea kayaking trips to canyon guiding in the Japanese Alps to name but a few of his adventures. 

An avid photographer and side-line writer, Ewan enthuses greatly in sharing his passions via action, prose and imagery of both the still and moving variety. And through exploring the marvels of our physical world, Ewan has developed a profound respect for the power of exploring our inner world, our minds, and in doing so, hopes to inspire others to see the connections and take on their own explorations, their own adventures. 
Sophie is an outdoor professional from New Zealand. She has been adventuring, instructing and guiding in her home country and around the world for the last decade.

During her professional guiding career, Sophie has lead countless multi-day sea kayaking expeditions in the rugged fiords of her home lands and along Canada’s famed BC coast in addition to guiding clients on river trips and multi-day hiking journeys.  Her expertise extends to the polar world where she has spent many seasons guiding clients on hikes, sea kayaking trips and small boat excursions around the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, along the Antarctic Peninsula and around the rugged and remote South Georgia.
It takes a village to make a movie and we're excited to work with equally inspired adventurers to bring this movie to life.  

Katie Crafts

Mathew Farrell

In 2014, Katie travelled to Antarctica as a guest aboard an Antarctic tourism vessel.  She signed up for the kayak program and guess who she met as her kayak guides?!  Sophie and Ewan and the Antarctic backdrop inspired Katie so much that within a year she quit her “grown up” job, sold her home of 7 years and creatively wiggled a toe into the door of the polar tourism industry. The toe became a foot, then a knee…..

Katie now works as a Naturalist and Expedition Leader in Greenland, Churchill, and Antarctica.  She is thrilled to merge her background in marketing and communications with her passion for the poles to help make this movie come to fruition. 
Mathew Farrell is an Australian based photographer / cinematographer and editor. His cameras have taken him to some of the wildest corners of the planet, shooting and editing everything from news, adverts, studio work, feature films and remote area documentaries.

His recent projects include a three month glaciology and mountaineering documentary in the Karakoram, ice-berg swimming in Patagonia, aerial photography in the French Alps and Thylacine hunting in Tasmania.

His clients include the likes of The BBC, ABC, Travel Channel, Huffington Post, News Limited, Telstra, CSIRO, Black Diamond, Sea to Summit.
“The world's big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” -John Muir
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